thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser

The youngest solar car from University of Bochum combines the latest technical finesse with an extraordinary design. For the third time it is being developed within the scope of a research collaboration with thyssenkrupp whose technology and expertise are used in the development and help shape the future of electromobility. The focus lies on sustainability and innovation at all development stages.


Leaders in style

The design of the thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser, which comes from the pen of a student of the Folkwang University of the Arts, unites the silhouette of a classic coupé with a clear and modern form language. The blue.cruiser follows into the footsteps of its predecessors as a timeless unique feature. Last Bridgestone World Solar Challenges have all been awarded the prizes for the best design. To defend this prize and bring it back to the Ruhr area, the Bochum SolarCar team has made its mark.

Technology and innovation

More efficient and practical for everyday-use than ever before, the new four-seater comes up with a spacious and modern interior. Innovative lightweight steel constructions characterize the development of bodywork: the lattice frame with roll-over cage, the specially developed steel rims and the rear bench made of the sandwich material LITECOR stand for the increased use of steel and have the advantage of making the car particularly light with no loss of safety. In addition to that, like in any other sports coupé you can find special features such as distance warning, central locking, infodisplay, seat heating and electrically-adaptive chassis to maximize driving comfort.

For a clean future

During this project cycle, for the first time there is a subteam dedicated to sustainability, which deals with the reduction of the blue.cruisers ecological footprint. The focus lies on a wise selection of materials, especially for the cars interior who is characterized by the fact that it is made from renewable natural products - vegan pineapple leather for the seat covers, vegetable linens in the fittings and door linings as well as wood and cork. All these substances are environmentally friendly, durable, recyclable and thus a sustainable alternative to conventional materials in lightweight construction.


Made in Bochum

The blue.cruiser is at the head of a 15 years long progress and combines many facets of its predecessors. As a student project, as many constructional and manufacturing steps as possible were carried out at local workshop and in cooperation with local partners. The thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser therefore sees itself as a child of its region and follows its predecessors in being a part of Bochum's automobile history.


Copyright Photo: Hempel Photography // zerone Düsseldorf 


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