BWSC Day 2

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The second day ends with a mediocre conclusion

Within the cruiser class the main focus lies upon practicability and the suitability for daily use. The thyssen.krupp blue.cruiser proves on the challenge’s second day, that these parameters are what he was built for. After a sensational comeback, yesterday, the SolarCar from Bochum ties on its success and passes several other teams. Even though, the speed of the cars is not included in the scoring, which consists of the driven kilometres of each passenger and the energy efficiency score, does the persistent speed of 100 km/h leave everyone astonished. Already at midday the blue.cruiser can overtake the cruiser class’ favourite – the team from Eindhoven, with its five passengers and its outstanding performance. Now, the blue.cruiser is in the leading position within its class to down south and the suspension remains on whether the other team will be infected by the thrill of speed.

About Break Downs and other Problems

Day 2 starts just the way day one ended: many teams are struggling with their cars. Mechanics are trying their best to get to the ground of their SolarCar’s sudden failure. Other team members are to secure the location with flags to warn all other road users. For the lightweight vehicles, it is especially complicated to pull on the side, as the sides of the roads in the outback are not made for the narrow tires: a rocky road of termite hills, bushes, and stones. All cars have to adhere to the five meter distance to the road, because the extra-long road trains present a serious danger. While driving behind a challenger vehicle suddenly the top of the other SolarCar lifts up and gets tossed to the left side. Luckily no one got harmed, but once more it becomes obvious that the BWSC is the hardest challenge for SolarCars in the world.

No Break Down – No Problem

Not much is going on in the outback, at least as long as the blue.cruiser drives without any incidents. And this is exactly what the car does – nobody complains about the rest to compensate for the last weeks full of unwanted surprises, night shifts, and stressful working days. During the six-day long BWSC everyone is happy about some boredom and uses the free time to sleep. The car drives the way from Daly Waters to Tennant Creek without any incidents and even better with four passengers and hence can collect valuable points for kilometres per passenger. The second longest stage of the challenge was thereby successfully completed.

Dusty Stumbling

The exit after the second check-point in Tennant Creek began rather bumpy. Starting on gravel grounds still mean serious difficulties for the blue.cruiser. Because of that the next stage, which will last until the next morning, will be completed with only two passengers. This problem needs to be fixed immediately, so that the blue.cruiser can perform at its best.


Therefore, the second day ends with a mediocre conclusion. The successful long stage was positive, and the fall back in Tennant Creek unfortunately showed once more the car’s deficiencies. The change of the team’s strategy however, paid off and the whole undertaking moves towards the right direction. If the starting problem can be fixed, chances are good to improve the next days and gather more points for driven kilometres per passenger.

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