BWSC Day #4

A stormy night i soften followed by a sunny day – at least if it is the fourth day of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

The blue.cruiser, which is still leading the field of the cruiser class, achieves its new personal record of distance, including the longest part of the whole journey from Kulgera to Coober Pedy: 413 kilometres. The most successful day of the challenge so far and all team members are looking forward to the final days.

428 Kilometres times Four

The goal for today is clear: to drive the longest part with four passengers. The whole team gathers at the check point in Kulgera to cross the fingers for the start. Fabian, the driver for this stage, is giving his best and he can then really manage to get the fully occupied car to start and drives back onto the highway. The team from Bochum is relieved and cheers with several bystanders the extra person kilometres of 1600 added to the overall scoring. One crucial factor for the cruiser class seems to be the on-time arrival in Adelaide, however, the scoring in the end is the decisive factor for the placement. Unfortunately, many teams of the cruiser class will not make it to the finish line in time. The remaining teams have to concentrate on driving as energy efficient as possible, additionally, they can convince the judges in the practicability challenge on Saturday.

Suspense in the Capital of Opals

The team from Bochum arrives the check point in Coober Pedy as first team in the cruiser class, only the team from Eindhoven make it also to the check point until it closes. Then the bad news: the German car suffers a flat tyre. The problem is, that during the 30 minutes standing still at the control stops, the teams are not allowed to touch their cars in any way. Hence, a crew of 14 mechanics surround the car 10 minutes before the time is up, and bring everything in position for a rapid change of the tyre. The countdown begins and after having jacked up the SolarCar, two of the mechanics change the flat tyre within a record time of 2:10 minutes and the blue.cruiser can go back on track. All the tension is immediately eased, when the car manages to overcome the small hill and is off down south carrying four passengers. Extra score for person kilometres her we come…


The team is proud on its car and on itself – deservedly. The fourth day of the challenge was far and away the best one. Without any incidents or complications, the team added a large number of kilometres to their account and they achieved the new record of distance of 571 Kilometres. Hopefully the coming night will be less exciting, without a thunder storm. Let’s go to Adelaide.

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