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In just a few weeks Team Bochum and its seventh solarcar will be at the start of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. As already mentioned, 3000 kilometers through the dusty outback awaits the students, from Darwin to Adelaide.

But there are a lot of other things that are important to know about this adventure; from the formal organization of the BWSC, through the individual team composition to the extensive rules catalog and the resulting placement - there is a lot to know, which makes the competition so special. In order to get everyone to the taste and to enable the fever, the next days until the start you are going to learn a lot about those facts.


BWSC – fact sheet

For the 14th time, the BWSC is taking place this year, celebrating its 30th anniversary. Even though the distance to be managed has always remained the same, some regulations have changed over time. This year, 42 teams from 21 nations compete against each other in three classes - the division of the teams in this way, for example, is only the second time. Simultaneously, innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability are in the focus of all classes. The most important information about the BWSC can be found in the fact sheet below.


The three classes

As the name of this years car already suggests, the blue.cruiser are back in the Cruiser Class this year - a class inspired by our 2009 BOcruiser. The three classes differ on the one hand in various technical specifications concerning the construction as well as in their stated goal and thus the condition of the respective placements. While in Challenger Class, as in a conventional race, it is the fastest car to master the circuit, it is the goal of the Cruiser Class to transport as many passengers as possible over the given distance. The placement results from a tricky scoring formula, which calculates the driven passenger kilometers with an individual energy score and at the same time considers the practicability of the cruiser. The third class - Adventure Class - is out of competition, as shown in the graphic.


The Team – Mind, Eyes, Soul

In the six days during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the 60 man strong Bochum SolarCar team is divided into three separate sub-teams to ensure the smoothest running of the race. The race team is the smart head and consists exclusively of members of our technical teams. It represents those people who are the only ones allowed to work on the car. In addition, it is responsible for the strategy during the race and helps the SolarCar in case of problems. The media team will take care of the live coverage and documentation of the events in text, image and video. As the open eyes it forms the interface to Germany and the rest of the world. The support team is the good soul of the team and accommodates all other team members. It plays a decisive role in the BWSC's daily routine. In the evening, they prepare food and tent camps for the whole crew, and they also take care of full tanks and happy faces.


The Convoy

The SolarCar does not drive the 3022 kilometers of the BWSC in a solo attempt, but is always escorted in a convoy by at least two other vehicles. The so-called lead, which consists of 9 members of the racing team and one driver, always drives in front of the SolarCar. It‘s mainly task is to navigate the SolarCar adequately. This also includes to observe the condition of the street and the warning of potholes or road kills in time. Next behind the SolarCar drives the chase, which is responsible for the race management. It consists of the remaining 8 members of the race team as well as the Oberserver from the WSC and a driver. It runs directly behind the SolarCar, evaluates all data via the telemetry in real time and presents the racing strategy. The success at the BWSC depends to a great extent on the chase's live strategy.

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