Today was the second last day of the challenge and the blue.cruiser keeps on leading the field of the cruiser.

The team from Eindhoven follows up closely with only half an hour distance. Apart from a small incident with a flat tyre between Glendambo and Port Augusta, the day went smooth and everyone is happy with the outcome. One day before crossing the finish line everything looks pretty good and who would have thought five days ago? Only 250 kilometres left until the team arrives in Adelaide and can finally take the long-awaited bath in the fountain on Victoria Square.

No Problems in Sight

The tricky motor controllers are ultimately working and the electricians are relieved, that they do not have to put in a further night shift. The troublesome topic began one week ago during a pre-run: one of the four motors breaks down and half an hour later the rear motor also fails. Within 1.5 hours both motor controller burned down, with no apparent reason and only two functioning controllers are left. The SolarCar friends from Camebridge jumo in and help out with their two motor controllers, because due to an accident they are not able to participate in the challenge unfortunately. However, one of these controllers just breaks down the next day and the team goes to the starting line with three motor controllers. Despite the expert support in Darwin, the cause cannot be detected and then happened what everyone was afraid of: five kilometres after the start a further motor controller burned out – so four motor controllers are beyond repair and no one knows the reason. All heads are hanging down and frustration makes it way throughout the team. Nevertheless, the challenge goes on and suddenly without further adjustments, the car drives flawlessly until the last check point today, 2750 kilometers so far.

The last Metres

Three parts were to be accomplished before the fifth day and the day’s final goal is the control point in Port Augusta. The blue.cruiser even gets further and stops only 250 km before the finish line in Adelaide. So only one stage of the twelve stages is left to until the team can finally celebrate the last two years of hard work. The SolarCar from Bochum performs almost perfectly and predictions hold that if everything will run smoothly as the last couple of days, the cruiser from Bochum will make it as the first car over the finish line, closely followed by the team from Eindhoven and the team Arrow from Sydney. Apparently, these are the only three teams left in the cruiser class, which can manage to reach Adelaide within the given time frame between 11 am and 2 pm. If the Dutch team arrives also on time, they will be the new World Champions. Their overall scoring bears to many points and the team from Bochum cannot catch up. At least from the outside it seems as team Eindhoven drove a perfectly running race. Apart from them, there is no other team, which could overtake the car from Bochum. In plain terms, this means that if no major incident occurs, the team from Bochum will celebrate the second place in the fountain tomorrow at 2 pm.


Lots of kilometres, only 15 minutes fall out during the reparation of a flat tyre, that’s the very satisfying conclusion of today’s challenge. The fifth day went just as perfectly as the preceding days. As measured by the cruising speed no other team can keep up with the blue.cruiser and also the overall scoring would lead to a solid second place, of which everyone will be more than happy about. No one will think about that something bad could happen on the last 250 km, tomorrow. That is why no one is doing so and we say confidently: the blue.cruiser will cross the finish line as first cruiser. Optimism and suspension are at the peak – so the only thing left to do is cross your fingers.

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