Finally united

The pre and main team meet in Coober Pedy


Just over two weeks ago, the first members of the Bochum SolarCar team have arrived in Sydney, Australia. Meanwhile, the main team reached Down Under and took care of German representatives in Port Adelaide, 1300 kilometers from Sydney.

While in the Australian metropolis, the main problems were discussed, the blue.cruiser spent several unhappy holidays in the Malaysian capital - the main team turned the backpacker hostel in Adelaide into a temporary workplace, with various preparations for the upcoming arrival of the car.

Australia authentic

But besides the work, there is always a little time left to get to know the country and the people and to absorb the special atmosphere of Australia. After four busy days, the main team enjoyed a common morning at the Gorges Wildlife Park to get in contact with the wild animals of Australia for the first time. Especially for those team members who travel this continent for the first time was this a great experience. The highlight for most of them was surely the short cuddle with Lia, a very friendly koala lady who let everybody's heart beat faster.

The long way to the desert

Before the team could finally get back into each other arms, it was a long way to the outback. The meeting point is Coober Pedy: A 1700 souls strong small town in the middle of the desert of South Australia, more than 200 kilometers radially cut off from the next civilization, which is particularly known for its opal mines. While the Sydney team had a much longer journey ahead of them and spent three days on the streets of Australia, it was "just" 850 kilometers to manage for the main Australian team. On the way, the convoy at further sights, like the huge, dried-out salt lake Lake Hart. At the same time the Stuart Highway, the later racetrack, could be surveyed: both slopes and road damages, as well as ground cattle grids and traffic volumes were precisely documented.


A home in the middle of nowhere

Home is, where one feels well and has loved ones around him - hardly has this wisdom better applied than in the middle of the desert. Freud radiating the team members in their arms, surrounded by dust and sand.


Dusty streets, apartments on and under the earth as well as various Opal jewelers, a supermarket and a petrol station - Coober Pedy does not really have much to offer at first sight. However, in the morning, in the evenings, and especially in the night, students will be able to see what most Europeans will not be able to see all their lives: a starry sky, which leaves the mouths open.

Friday we will have our baby back

The joy not enough, the team on Monday evening received the great news that the blue.cruiser has finally arrived in Sydney and was "swept" by the customs. Now the SolarCar with the remaining team members in Sydney will also take part in a three-day trip through the Australian desert to be met on Friday, proudly and excitedly, in Coober Pedy.


An exciting time full of test drives awaits the students, which can also be tracked on FacebookTwitter und Instagram :) 

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