Travel Fever

Finally there: 11 team members arrive in Australia.

It takes up to 40 hours till the first SolarCarians arrive the other end of the world, including various stop overs in, for example London, Singapore, and China.  Tiredness, however, is not given any chance: after the touchdown on Australian grounds the first members are already eager to travel the city of Sydney with its impressive Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

After having the first souvenir photos taken, the team is brought to its accommodation, which is located at the campus of Western Sydney University. Their SolarCar Team provides sleeping places for free – incredible generous. The team is welcomed with a big ‘Hello’ and everyone is thrilled to see each other again or to meet for the first time. Soon the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge will start!

However, a few obstacles need to be overcome till the start: the first team members are to release the thyssenkrupp blue.cruiser and the overseas container from customs. The students are nervous and hope for a trouble-free release, as the Australian authorities are very concerned with the import of dangerous goods as for example the SolarCar battery into the country.

Meanwhile time is pressing: most of the team members will already arrive at 7 September to conduct as many test drives as possible. The more time will pass at customs the less precious test kilometres can be driven.

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