Many Faces – One Team

Working hand in hand


The current team is not only the biggest team in the history of the SolarCar Project in Bochum, but also the academic background of the members is as broadly diversified as never before.

Until now, the field of studies were the decisive factors to divide the members into the expert teams. Information scientists were assigned to the strategy team, mechanical engineers entered the mechanical team, and electricians joined the electric team. Nowadays, the expert teams are more diverse than have ever been before: economists and design students become a natural part of the mechanical team, business psychologists and social workers contribute to the organisation team and architects report next to students of the humanities within the media team. All the members are unified by one goal – to build the best possible SolarCar based on commitment and passion.


The virtue of exotics

At first sight the list of study fields of the members seem to be a random choice to build a car, however, different expert knowledge contains a lot potential and unexpected advantages. Anglicists, Biologists, and Philosophers, who are in a workshop for the first time, are eager to laminate, to grout, and to screw, of course under the instruction of an experienced technician, but also ask for sense and reason why something is done in a particular way. This leads to new input of a different perspective and new stimuli for the problem solving process. Thereby key qualifications such as teamwork and communication skills are advanced and the team spirit is strengthened. Additionally, the language skills of the art scholars contribute to the project’s public relations activities.
By respecting and appreciating the work of each other, every member of the team can benefit from this diversity for one’s own professional future.

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