We believe in the future of electric mobility, and have done so ever since 1999. Solar electric vehicles were built and maintained in Bochum for over twenty years, and have been used at private events and on public roads all around the world. Researching alternative means of transportation and different ways of powering them enables us to reach our goal of complete carbon neutral mobility as soon as possible. Solar mobility is no dream of a better future for us. We're already living it today.

Investing in Our Future

Strong Partners

Researching new technologies can't be done without the decisive support from our partners. Together with them we apply our knowledge every day to search for innovative and more efficient solutions. Sustainability is one of our project's primary goals and influences our work accordingly.

Investing in Our Future

Funding scientific research also provides a basis for a better future. New ideas spring up wherever young minds come together. Our project is a prime example. Over the course of two decades many of our alumni kept working together to start up new companies and bring our home region further ahead.

Part of a Team

By purchasing a Solar Sponsorship companies and people can become a part of our team to further support our technological progress. Thanks to your help our ideas can keep growing into newly sustainable concepts. Together we may reinvent the mobility of tomorrow.

Becoming a Supporter

How to become a supporter?

If you would like to support us, remember there's a total of 994 solar cells powering the thyssenkrupp SunRiser as part of its solar array.

You can purchase a sponsorship for one or more of these cells for a total of 30€.

  1. Download the agreement
  2. Fill in and sign the agreement form
  3. Mail to the following address:

               Hochschule Bochum

               Fachbereich SolarCar

               Lennershofstr. 140


4. Transfer the specified amount

5. Receive your certificate!

Links below:

  • Data Processing Agreement
  • Sponsorship Agreement

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